HCA 2015 Unit of Distinction Award Recipients Announced

HCA Nursing February 04, 2016

The HCA 2015 Unit of Distinction Award for Excellence in Medical Surgical Nursing Award winners were announced.

The Medical-Surgical Unit of Distinction represents the top performing Medical-Surgical Departments within HCA. HCA has established the program to recognize top performing units displaying exemplary performance in Leadership, Professional Practice, and Operations & Outcomes. Excellence in Medical-Surgical Nursing recognizes that it takes a mature performing team of clinical staff demonstrating a commitment to professional development, positive patient outcomes and adoption of efficient practices to achieve high performing results.

During 2015:

  • 490 Medical-Surgical units participated in the program
  • 24 units identified as the Top 5% or Unit of Distinction winners
  • 27 units identified within Top 10% or Honorable Mention category
  • More than 1,000 Med-Surg nurses obtained nursing specialty certification (one component of the program)

Unit of Distinction - Top 5%

In addition to the 24 units listed above, 27 units in the were awarded honorable mention. Honorable mention was awarded to units who performed in the Top 10%.

Honorable Mention - Top 10%

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