Sammie Mosier - Assistant Chief Nursing Executive, Nursing Practice - Best practices development drives nursing career growth

Sammie Mosier

Along with increasing the ranks of nurse leaders throughout HCA, there's also a renewed focus on advancing the quality of nursing care and how that enhances the patient experience. In her new role, Sammie Mosier's efforts will concentrate on identifying, developing, and disseminating nursing best practices, with an emphasis on professional development and accountability.

"My overarching goal is to partner with leadership and nurses to strengthen the quality of nursing care for all of HCA," says Mosier, who has served as a CNO and Epic Nurse Champion for HCA. "Our nurses are challenged with demanding tasks; we want to ensure they have all the necessary tools and resources needed to enhance their workflow."

Mosier's initial efforts have been establishing and deploying the new "Excellence in Medical-Surgical Nursing" program, which includes leadership and nursing professional development through promoting and supporting nursing specialty certification.

More tools equal better patient care

"Nurses are key leaders in our healthcare environment. As nurses mature and grow professionally, confidence is acquired, promoting best practice in nursing which ultimately enhances the patient's experience," Mosier says. "My goal is to make sure nurses have the necessary tools and resources that allow them to use their talents at the patients' bedside. The mission is to have nurses working at their highest potential, securing their commitment to nursing excellence, and heightening organizational pride as they celebrate successful outcomes."

Other drivers of excellence include the Medical Surgical Director's Advisory Board, Professional Practice Councils at the facility level and a newly created Medical-Surgical Unit of Distinction.

Experience leads to advancement

We want to put opportunities and challenges in front of our nurses to engage, motivate and drive excellence in nursing practices.

"HCA has a great deal of talent and experience within our nursing community; we have an opportunity to harvest this expertise and demonstrate best practices across the enterprise. Our approach is to work with the nurses and invest in their professional development. As we develop nursing leaders, raising the competency level, we will drive better outcomes for patients."